Child Well-being Foundation in Ukraine

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Child Well-being Foundation in Ukraine” began its work in 1998 as the Ukrainian office of the International Christian Children’s Fund. Since 2006 the organization works independently with the all-Ukrainian status.

The main mission of the Foundation is to provide positive changes in order to create a favorable environment for the full potential of every child in Ukraine. The Foundation works with children and young people, parents, social professionals (including social educators, educators, teachers, teachers, methodologists, psychologists, physicians, representatives of children’s and juvenile police services, social service centers), representatives of public organizations, executive bodies authorities, media.

The Child Well-being Foundation in Ukraine works in the following four areas:

Conscious parenting

  • The program “Working with families in need of professional socio-pedagogical support” – the organization of an effective system of work with families in difficult life circumstances, including in order to prevent the removal of the child from the family
  • The program “Family group meetings: the formation of family members’ responsibility for the child”

Ensuring the rights of the child

  • Model of creating a small institution for orphans and children deprived of parental care
  • Training and education on prevention of domestic violence and child abuse, responsible parenting, improving the pedagogical competence of service recipients
  • “No slap” program
  • Teach Your Child to Protect Yourself

Work with the community

  • Community activation programs for social service specialists, local governments, representatives of public organizations, social specialists

Public health

  • Program 15: HIV prevention and psychosocial health support in Ukraine

Partners in project implementation are central and regional executive bodies, local self-government bodies, international and local non-governmental organizations.

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