All-Ukrainian civic organization «Magnolia»

The All-Ukrainian NGO “Magnolia” joined the Network in 2014 to support its mission, as well as to strengthen the protection of the rights of children in institutional care. The main goals of the organization are:

  • Influence on decision-making by central and local authorities on the protection of the rights of discriminated and vulnerable groups.
  • Promoting the upbringing of children in a family environment and preventing the institutionalization of orphans and children deprived of parental care by raising public awareness of alternative forms of child rearing.
  • Strengthening the role of human rights defenders in Ukraine by raising public awareness of their activities and role in supporting democracy and protecting human rights.
  • Raising public awareness of human rights and ways to protect rights, with a special focus on the rights of women and children.

During its activities in recent years, Magnolia has implemented the following projects:

The project “Implementation of the 116 000 Missing Children Hotline in Ukraine as a Tool to Prevent Child Trafficking, Violence and Sexual Exploitation of Children” – the development of an effective tool to prevent child trafficking, violence and sexual exploitation of children.

Media component of the joint UNICEF Project and the Ukrainian Child Rights Network “Ensuring capacity building and influence of non-governmental actors in the development, implementation and monitoring of child rights in alternative care, improving child protection policies and strategies” – providing information support to the project through publications and placing them in the media and social networks.

The project “Equality as a manifestation of democracy” – to promote the formation of a stable public opinion about the need to respect women’s rights and promote gender equality.

The project “Protect your child” – raising awareness of Kyiv residents about the need and methods of timely detection of signs of violence against their children and legal methods to combat bullying.

The project “Recruitment of foster families in Ukraine” – attracting potential candidates for foster carers for the foster family program in Ukraine, which will reduce the number of children in institutional institutions.

The project “Establishment of a hotline for raising awareness of displaced women on combating domestic and gender-based violence” – to raise awareness of displaced women and children about the possibility of receiving assistance in cases of domestic and gender-based violence and mobilization of displaced women around the solution problems of violence.

The project “Child safety – joint responsibility” – the formation of permanent relations of the Donetsk region police with the public and local authorities and increase the professional competence of police officers to prevent child neglect and homelessness, labor and sexual exploitation of children and involvement of children in criminal activity in Lyman district Donetsk region.

Also, much of the organization’s work is devoted to such a project as the “Children’s Search Service”, which has been operating for over 18 years throughout Ukraine. The purpose of this project is to assist in the search for missing children and to protect Ukrainian children from abduction, sexual and labor exploitation. The “Children’s Search Service” provides an opportunity for parents of missing children not only to ask the public for help, but also provides them with psychological, legal and social support and conducts information campaigns to prevent the disappearance of the child, and most importantly – in close cooperation with police, volunteers and media, looking for children.

Partners for the implementation of projects are UNICEF, public and charitable organizations such as: “Kharkiv Human Rights Group”, Partnership “For Every Child”, NGO “Convictus Ukraine”, NGO “Socioconsulting” MF “Vidrodzhennia”; as well as Ukrainian media companies: “Magnolia-TV” LLC, “ChP.INFO” TV Channel, “REK Media” Advertising Agency, “Effect Marketing” LLC, “BigMedia” Company, “Metrovision” Video Channel.

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