Center Volunteer

Ukrainian Public Center “Volunteer” is a public organization that develops an active life position among young people and increases leadership potential to strengthen civil society.

The team of Center Volunteer  сreates and implements innovative forms of educational, preventive, socio-pedagogical and other activities to improve the quality of life of children, families and local communities in Ukraine.

The main activities of the organization:

  • Development, organization and conduct of trainings for adolescents and young people on life skills development and prevention of negative phenomena – creation and implementation of educational and preventive trainings for adolescents and youth on the development of necessary life skills (effective communication, leadership and active life position connections, critical thinking, media literacy, etc.) and prevention of negative social phenomena (prevention of HIV / AIDS and risky behavior, change of criminal thinking, prevention of aggressive behavior of adolescents, prevention of conflicts and offenses, etc.);
  • Training of specialists in work with adolescents and youth – helps professionals to interact effectively with children and youth in the prevention of negative social phenomena, implement innovative educational and preventive programs and apply interactive forms of work in their activities, develop and improve coaching skills and provide tools for prevention burnout;
  • Development of educational and preventive board games – learning responsible behavior and forming one’s own attitude to a wide range of issues through play;
  • Organization and holding of forums, festivals, actions – creation of “platforms” for development of abilities in youth and association of initiative youth for discussion and the decision of actual public questions;
  • Development Studio’s Non-Formal Education Platform – the development of Soft Skills in adolescents and young people and helps them realize their potential by creating an enabling space for the development of creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence
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