International Leadership and Development Center

The non-governmental organization “International Center for Development and Leadership”, that is part of the UCRN, began its activities in Ukraine in 2008. For more than 10 years it has been contributing to the protection of children’s rights in Ukraine by developing and implementing a system of training of specialists in the field on children’s rights on the basis of competency approach, curriculum development, training and development of trainers, managers and specialists organizing annual international conferences and dissemination of scientific publications.

ICDL joined the Network in 2018 in order to strengthen the protection of children’s rights in Ukraine and become a driver of changes in public policy to promote (protect) the best interests of the child.

The main goal of the organization is the safety and well-being of children in Ukraine, which can be achieved by constantly and systematically improving the level of competence of employees in the field of of children’s rights protection and supporting the implementation of quality systemic change.

The main activities of the organization in Ukraine:

  • Development of the system of education and training of employees in the field of protection of children’s rights;
  • Capacity building of social organizations and teams;
  • Capacity building of communities.

Main achievements and current projects:

  • Development of a model of basic professional competencies of social workers working in the field of child protection in Ukraine;
  • The project “Childhood without violence” – aims to increase the level of effectiveness of detecting cases of violence against children;
  • The project “Do not shake a child” – aims at preventing the shaken child syndrome in Ukraine by teaching parents safe ways to calm their children;
  • The project “Implementation of a reliable basis in Ukraine” – aims to increase the ability of foster parents to care for a foster child and provide them with knowledge about the methods of education through which foster children will feel sensitive care.

Partners for the implementation of projects in Ukraine are: Institute for Human Services (USA), Commissioner for Children’s Rights of Ukraine, NaUKMA, Care in action (Germany), NGO “Care in Action” (Lviv, Ukraine), ICO Partnership “For every child”, Kom over en help (Netherlands), the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, Rotary Clubs, Orphan Outreach (USA) and the NGO “Together for the sake of children”.


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