Professional League of Social Workers of Sumy Region

The non-governmental organization “Professional League of Social Workers of Sumy Region”, which is an executive partner of the International Organization for Migration in Sumy region, joined the Network in 2018. The League began its activities with a series of trainings on communication techniques for changing the behavior of adolescents and young people, aimed at preventing negative phenomena in children and youth in Sumy region and continues its activities, developing new programs and seminars for Sumy region residents. The main mission of the organization is to carry out social work with children, families and youth.

The main activities of the organization:

  • Implementation of own and participation in the implementation of local, national and international programs: social support and social development of children, families and youth;
  • Development and dissemination of innovative models of social services;
  • Conducting social and analytical research;
  • Support for internally displaced persons;
  • Promoting social and preventive work to prevent and overcome negative phenomena in families, children and youth;
  • Promoting a set of rehabilitation measures to restore the social functions, psychological and physical condition of children and youth, providing specific assistance to those who have suffered violence, difficult life circumstances, victims of human trafficking;
  • Promoting the creation of conditions for the harmonious development of children and youth, their active participation in socially useful work, artistic, cultural, sports and physical health activities. Throughout its activities, the League has participated in various initiatives and campaigns aimed at gathering information and developing relevant educational materials, as well as conducting trainings for the development of children, families and youth.

In recent years, the League has implemented the following projects:

  • The project “Integration and stabilization support by providing livelihoods for internally displaced persons and the population affected by the conflict in Ukraine”;
  • The project “Promotion of Reconstruction and Sustainable Resolution of the Problems of IDPs and Conflict Victims in Ukraine”;
  • The project “Promotion of small and medium business development among IDPs and host communities of Sumy region”;
  • The project “Raising awareness of vulnerable children and youth of Sumy region on safe migration and employment”;
  • The project “Strengthening the self-sufficiency of displaced persons and communities of Sumy region affected by the conflict in Ukraine”;
  • The project “Assistance in the formation and implementation of social policy in the field of combating trafficking in human beings in the OTG of Sumy region.”

The partners in the implementation of projects were international organizations, such as: the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the International Organization for Migration, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Hans Seidel Foundation in Ukraine; local authorities, Department of Social Protection, Sumy Regional Employment Center.

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