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Dozens of children were killed in the military conflict in Donbas

On Fabruary 23, during the briefing Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights Mykola Kuleba has named number of victims among children in the conflict in the East Ukraine.

According to available reports, more than 65 children were killed and 127 were wounded in this conflict. At the same time, the UN gives even greater number of wounded children – 159.

“1-year-old babies are currently in hospitals with a shell-shock. Thousands of children affected by this conflict need psychological aid,” Mykola Kuleba noted.

Also, the Commissioner of the President has mentioned concrete facts of  brutal violation of fundamental principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, inter alia, right to life, health and free development,  illegal removal of children to Russia without the consent of Ukraine and legal representatives of a child, as well as recruitment of children into illegal armed groups and involvement in hostilities.

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