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Insane demand and high interest – we summarize the work during the seminars

Responsive and active, but often due to lack of experience not ready to work fully. Representatives of those regional public organizations working in the field of protection of children’s rights came to our seminars. Probably because of the lack of knowledge and skills, the representatives of regional non-governmental organizations show great interest in cooperation and unification.

“There is a great demand for knowledge about how the law works, which bodies and services ensure the protection of child rights. Students are interested in how international law and the UN Convention on the Child Rights affect the norms of Ukrainian law, ”said Svitlana Klochko, Executive director of the Ukrainian Network for the Rights of the Child.

Almost a hundred regional NGOs have demonstrated a desire to improve in order to become stronger. Fifteen, twenty, and sometimes even more representatives of non-governmental organizations attended training seminars of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network, which were held in five regions of Ukraine in the framework of a joint project with UNICEF “Capacity building and influence of non-governmental organizations. projects in the development, implementation and monitoring of the rights of the child in the system of alternative care, improvement of policies and strategies for the protection of children.”

Our goal is to join forces and work together as a team to protect the child rights professionally and competently.


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