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Requirements of the UN Convention on the Child Rights: how to apply it within the framework of Ukrainian legislation

What is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Child Rights? How can this be applied in the framework of Ukrainian organizations? And how is it implemented in Ukrainian legislation? International expert Serhiy Lukashov presented not only the answers, but also the mechanism of action in specific situations where representatives of social services may not work.

“Realization of the child rights” – this topic was carefully developed by the international organization “SOS Children’s Villages”, and now became the program of a two-day seminar for members of the public association “Ukrainian Child Rights Network”.

“We teach the organization’s representatives how to work, including with case management, because we consider specific situations related to the protection of children’s rights. We will teach specialists how to correctly interpret and, most importantly, adhere to ensuring the rights of the child in Ukraine, which are set out in the UN Convention, “said Svitlana Klochko, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network.

The seminar “Implementation of the Child Rights” was held within the joint project of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network and UNICEF ».

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