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Tetyana Nosach was awarded by the President of Ukraine

Managing  Director of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network Tetyana Nosach received award from the President of Ukraine for her volunteer work in the area of combat operations.

Tetyana, as a native of Donetsk, being evacuated continues to help people remaining in the ATO area, keeps contact with colleagues and friends. She bears with fortitude all the difficulties, takes a reality check and continues to help others.

During the VII International Conference of Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum “Philanthropy and volunteerism in action: save, reconcile and build future” Tetyana Nosach received award for her public position maintained in:

1. Distribution of humanitarian assistance in the ATO, delivering food and kits to people in the ATO area (retiree, disabled, large families).

2. Buying tickets for people who wanted to leave ATO area, but had no financial means.

3. Delivery of goods and other humanitarian assistance.

4. Psychological assistance, social support for families in and out of the ATO area.

5. Search for housing for displaced persons.

6. Today Tetyana continues to prevent abandonment of newborns in Donetsk.

“It is important for Ukrainians to understand that in Donetsk and in other cities beyond the control of Ukrainian authorities are living our citizens, with Ukrainian passports and birth certificates. Forgeting about them, treating safely their deaths from starvation or lack of medicines is unacceptable to me.”- says Tetyana.

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