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We announce a tender for the development of an online platform

Public Association “Ukrainian Child Rights Network” (hereinafter – PA “UCRN”), code 40211870; MFO 322669, announces a tender for the purchase of works for the development of an online platform for monitoring the observance of children’s rights in the system of alternative care on the basis of the organization’s website.

Source of procurement financing:

At the expense of the project “Strengthening the capacity of public organizations to monitor the rights of the child in Ukraine – Phase II” (hereinafter – the Project), which is implemented with the support of the UN Children’s Fund “UNICEF” in Ukraine.

The purpose of creating an online platform is to inform the public about the progress of the Project, disseminate information about violations of children’s rights in the system of alternative care, the presence of systemic shortcomings in the legislative and institutional fields; advocacy for the rights and freedoms of the child, etc.

Requirements for the service:

Creating an artistic design of the interface of the online platform with the provision of:

– bindings to the engine work program;
– integrated interactive map;
– the ability to create new sections of the site;
– possibilities of convenient filling with information of a platform, addition of video, a photo, etc .;
– ability to classify the information of the platform by date of filling, region and subject;
– possibility to conveniently fill the map with information by adding new marks with descriptions to 1 page of text with the ability to choose the size and type of font, add photos.
– possibilities of distribution of social map markers on social networks, etc.

Given the non-profit status of UCRN and the organization’s work to protect the rights of the child, an additional advantage will be the proposal for possible cooperation in the framework of corporate social responsibility.

The following are invited to participate in the bidding:

– individual entrepreneurs;

– legal entities, organizations.

The composition of the tender offer:

1. Tender offer in the form of a commercial offer, official letter or in another form with obligatory consideration of all obligatory technical and qualification requirements to the subject of purchase and the tenderer.

2. Project budget with a breakdown for each stage of work.

3. Portfolio of work performed, which confirms the experience of this type of service.

4. Work schedule.

5. Copies of the Certificate of state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneurs or Extracts from the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs; VAT payer’s certificates (subject to registration as a VAT payer); Certificates of payment of the single tax; Extracts from the registers of VAT payers and / or single tax payers. Any other documents that may be useful for evaluating the proposal (letters of recommendation, etc.).

Rules of registration of the tender offer by participants:

1. Participants must submit proposals in the form of scanned copies of documents to the e-mail address:

2. The tender proposal must be accompanied by documents (scanned copies) certifying the right of such authorized person to sign the tender proposal (order appointing a manager or power of attorney, except for persons-entrepreneurs).

3. Provided copies of documents must be legible and of good quality.

4. The bidder is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in its tender offer.

5. Tender proposals that fully comply with the terms of the Announcement are allowed to participate in the evaluation of tender proposals by the tender committee.

Please provide commercial offers:

– until 12.00 August 27, 2019.

The bids will be opened and the winners of the tender will be determined:

– at 15.00 August 27, 2019

Methods of selecting the winner of the tender.

Initially, among the submitted tender proposals, the Tender Committee selects proposals that meet the technical, qualification and other requirements for the subject of procurement and supplier, which are contained in this Announcement. From the selected offers, the tender committee selects the tender offer with the lowest price, and the bidder who submitted such tender offer is declared the winner of the tender.

The winner of this procurement procedure will be determined within 5 (five) calendar days following the last day of acceptance of tender proposals with the possibility of extending this period if necessary to clarify in writing the information contained in the tender proposals, not more than 2 calendar days. The results of the procurement procedure will be notified to all bidders no later than 5 calendar days from the date of the decision to determine the winner by sending appropriate notices to all bidders by e-mail.

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