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We are glad to announce the good news: we have a new joining in our ranks!

The other day, during the general meeting of the members of the board of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network, we considered the documents of four Ukrainian non-governmental organizations. As a result, three of them were accepted.

This is the NGO “Professional League of Social Workers of Sumy Region”, which is the center of the all-Ukrainian organization “League of Social Workers”, which became one of the first members of the Network.

It is also the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “For the Right to Life”, which provides such well-known children’s camps as Lisova Zastava and Morska Zastava. For several years in a row, these camps have been accepting free of charge children who have suffered as a result of hostilities in the east of the country, and therefore need not only rest and recuperation, but also appropriate psychological rehabilitation.

In addition, we were joined by the Lviv Educational Foundation, which develops Ukrainian society through the creation and support of a network of volunteer, social and educational initiatives. In particular, the foundation helps communities to implement socio-cultural and educational projects, create youth spaces and educational centers for children.

We are happy to welcome these organizations to the UCRN!

We also received a request for admission from the RC “In the Carpathians”, with whom we also had a pleasant experience of cooperation. Board members reviewed the organization’s copies of the documents required for admission, but have not yet received the originals. We hope to receive them soon and welcome another member of our Network.

Together we are able to do even more wonderful things to respect the rights of every Ukrainian child.

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