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Webinar on violence in the system of alternative care and upbringing of children (video)

In September 2019, the Ukrainian Child Rights Network held a webinar on violence in the system of alternative care and upbringing of children. The expert who conducted it – Natalia Pashko, child psychologist, psychotherapist, trauma teacher, a specialist in dealing with cases of violence.

The webinar consisted of two parts. During the first, the following issues were considered:

  1. Phenomenology of violence.
  2. Age norms of development: norm, need of age, age crisis, indicator of violence. How to distinguish, is it an age norm, a crisis or a manifestation of violence?
  3. The impact of violence on child development. Neurobiology of trauma. How are patterns of complex, deviant behavior formed?

You can find it at this link:

In the second part you will find a discussion of the following issues:

  1. Principles of interaction with a child who has been abused.
  2. Adaptation in the system of alternative care for a child who has experienced violence, including sexual violence.
  3. Review of methods of diagnosis and care of a child who has suffered from violence.
  4. Formation of safe behavior in children who have had a traumatic experience.

The second part is at this link:

In general, the materials are intended for representatives of children’s services, child care facilities, shelters, small group homes, centers for social support of families and children, foster parents, guardians, trustees, adoptive parents, representatives non-governmental organizations working in the field of protection of children’s rights, psychologists, teachers and others.

Webinars were held within the project “Strengthening the capacity of NGOs to monitor the rights of the child in Ukraine – Phase II”, implemented by the NGO “Ukrainian Child Rights Network” with the support of the UN Children’s Fund “UNICEF” Ukraine.

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