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The Public Union “Ukrainian Network for the Rights of the Child” (hereinafter referred to as the NGO “UMPD”), the EDRPOU code 40211870, announces a tender for charitable assistance to families with children for the implementation of the JOINTLY project “Integrated Social Services and Response to COVID-19 in Eastern Ukraine”, which is being implemented by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Public Association “Ukrainian Network for the Rights of the Child”.

List of goods:

Set No1 — 500 pieces

hard soap 70 grm. 4 pieces 400 ml.   2 pieces of washing powder up to 5 kg.  1 plasterdeodorant 150 ml.  — 3 pieceshygienic pads Ultra Normal, 3 drops 40 pcs., in the package 2 plastertooth paste 100 ml.     — 2 pieces toothbrush 3 bath plaster, 50*90 cm.  — 2 pieces of toilet paper – 4 rolls per pack  — 1 shaving  piece  — 3 pieces

Set No2 — 100 pieces

diapers, size 3 Huggies1 piece

Set No3 — 100 pieces

diapers, size 5 Huggies1 piece

Set No4 — 100 pieces

diapers M (adults) 1 piece

Set No5 — 100 pieces

памперси L (дорослі) 1 штука

Set No6 — 500 pieces

set of postilni bilizni (pillowcase 50×70/75 cm (2 pcs.), pіdkovdra 140×200 cm (1 pc), prodratlo 140×200 cm) (1 pc) 1 piece pillowcase 50×70/75 cm 2 stukikovdra 140×200 cm 1 piece

Set No7 — 500 pieces

soup plate, 23 cm — 3 pieces — 3 pieces 3 pieces  — 3 pieces — 3 plasterers, 3.0 liters  —   1 plaster 20-30 cm  — 1 dishwashing machine   
 —  1 piece

Set No8 — 100 pieces

павербанк 10 000 mAh — 1 штука

Payment terms:

The first 50% of the Specification amount is paid by the Customer (PA “UMPD”) within 5 (five) banking days from the date of receipt of the Supplier’s invoice, the second 50% is paid by the Customer (UMPD) after delivery of the Goods in full within 3 (three) banking days from the date of receipt of the Supplier’s invoice and the signing of the relevant invoices.

Requirements for participants:

  • the participant must provide written consent to provide samples of the proposed goods at the request of the customer;
  • the participant must provide all certificates of quality of the goods, which is specified in the specification, compliance with the mandatory quality and safety requirements provided for goods of this kind by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The following are invited to participate in the tender:

  • individual entrepreneurs;
  • legal entities, organizations.

Terms of delivery:

  1. Delivery is carried out by the forces and means of the Supplier.
  2. Each product must be agreed with the Customer and comply with the specification.
  3. Each consignment of goods must have the appropriate accompanying documents: consignment note, quality certificate, invoice.

Delivery date: no later than November 30, 2022.

Place of delivery: delivery will need to be arranged to several addresses, which will be additionally agreed with the Winner:

  • Kiev
  • Kyiv region
  • Poltava
  • Vinnytsia
  • Dnipro.

The composition of the tender offer:

1) The tender offer must be provided in the form of a price offer.

2) The list of documents that the Applicants must submit to the tender offer:

  • duly signed tender form in the form of a table (date, name and position, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail, validity of the application (minimum 30 days), signature and seal) (Annex No1);
  • a copy of the Certificate of state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur or an extract from the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • a copy of the taxpayer’s certificate;
  • a copy of the payment order for the payment of a single tax;
  • any other documents that may be useful for evaluating the proposal (letters of recommendation, etc.);
  • financial statements for 2020 or 2021 of the company’s activities or a declaration for individual entrepreneurs.

Rules for issuing a tender offer by participants:

  1. Participants must submit proposals in Ukrainian in the  form of scanned copies of documents, as well as in electronic format to the e-mail address  of the ucrn.office@gmail.com, putting in a copy of the iryna.hashchenko@childrights.org.ua
  2. The tender offer (Annex No. 1) must be accompanied by documents (scanned copies) certifying the right of such an authorized person to sign the tender offer (order/protocol on the appointment of the head or power of attorney, except for the sole proprietorship).
  3. The provided copies of documents must be legible and of high quality.
  4. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in his tender offer.
  5. Tender offers that fully comply with the terms of the Announcement are allowed to participate in the evaluation of tender proposals by the tender commission. Applications sent to a different address or in a form other than as provided for in this Tender Announcement, or in the case of which the proper level of confidentiality is not respected, or received after the specified date and time, will be rejected.
  6. All prices are indicated in UAH including all taxes.

Commercial offers please provide:

until 13.00. October 31, 2022.

The opening of proposals and determination of the winners of the tender will take place:

at 14.00. November 01, 2022.

The method of selecting the winner of the tender.

The implementation of the Agreement will be entrusted to the Supplier who has submitted a technically acceptable offer with the lowest price. An offer is considered technically acceptable if it meets the following minimum technical criteria: all the above-mentioned documents that must accompany the tender form have been submitted, the proposed goods meet the necessary specifications.

How to participate in the tender:

In order to participate in the tender, you must submit your proposals to the e-mail address: ucrn.office@gmail.com by putting in a copy of the iryna.hashchenko@childrights.org.ua

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