NGO “League of Social Workers of Ukraine”

The NGO “League of Social Workers of Ukraine ” was established in 1999 to satisfy and protect the legitimate social, economic, and creative interests of its members, to realize their rights and freedoms, and to promote social policy in Ukraine and has 24 regional, 2 city, and 3 village branches. The organization has a wide and diverse range of activities, but these tasks are achievable because the League relies on the support and experience of its branches, which are active in each region. Each department of the organization in its region has become a consolidator of social work and assistance to families and young people in difficult life circumstances. The LSPU is also the founder of the scientific and methodological journal “Social Work in Ukraine: Theory and Practice”, which has been published since 2009.

Mission: We, the League of Social Workers of Ukraine, have united to protect social, economic, creative and other legal rights and interests of social workers; to strengthen the prestige of the social worker profession and its role in society; to implement the best social practices in order to provide quality social services in accordance with the needs of the community.

Vision: Unification of social workers to protect their rights and interests, development of the social sphere of Ukraine, harmonization of people and society.

Goals and objectives:

– Implementing its own and participating in the implementation of local, national and international programs of social support and social development of children, families and youth;

– Conducting social and analytical research;

– Promoting social and preventive work to prevent and overcome negative phenomena in the children and youth environment;

– Support for families who have taken in orphans and children deprived of parental care;

– Developing and implementing a system of social standards and criteria for assessing the effectiveness of social services, and a system of supervision in social work;

– Promoting the development and implementation of a system of professional education, advanced training and certification of social workers of the League’s members;

– Participation in the organization of public social monitoring;

– Participation in the development and distribution of social advertising;

– Implementation of social advocacy to represent and protect the interests and rights of children, families, youth, and members of the League;

– Improvement of the quality of life, satisfaction of social values of the individual in civil society;

– Organizing charitable assistance to individuals and legal entities, social organizations, social workers, establishing and paying scholarships, awards, and charitable donations;

– Development of regulatory acts on the social sphere.

Current projects:

  • The project “Assessment of the needs of the child”;
  • Project “Back to work: reintegration of mothers and fathers into professional life after parental leave”;
  • Project on provision of consulting services on “Development of a regional action plan for the transformation of boarding schools, development of family-based care and improvement of the system of social services for orphans and children deprived of parental care”;
  • The project “Organization of social and psychological assistance to children and their families displaced to the regions of Ukraine from the temporarily occupied territory and areas of the anti-terrorist operation”;
  • Project “Research on the assessment of community needs for social services in Ukraine”;
  • Project “Implementation of the case management approach in work with internally displaced persons in Donetsk, Luhansk, Poltava and Kharkiv regions”;
  • Project to develop the Law on Social Services.
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