Charitable organization “ Ukrainian Education Platform”

The Lviv Educational Foundation began its activities in 2000 for the development of Ukrainian society by creating and maintaining a network of volunteer, SOCIAL, cultural and educational initiatives. For 20 years, LOF has been implementing and supporting hundreds of successful projects throughout Ukraine, creating and disseminating training programs, and supporting a number of public initiatives.

Today LEF implements more than 20 large projects in the social sphere.

The Department of Community Development LEF implements and supports projects and programs aimed at developing volunteerism, synergies and implementation of social, cultural and educational initiatives in local communities of Ukraine, through cooperation between the community, church, local government, education and culture. Among the programs and projects of the department: Ginger Foundation UCOF Orphans Support Program, Activate, School of Responsible Service, Community Volunteer Development, Social Innovation, School of Cultural Studies, Leszczyn Price, Alumni – LOF Alumni Community, Soup Kitchen.

The LEF’s social department supports families and children in difficult life circumstances and implements measures to promote deinstitutionalization reform. Among the main areas of work of the department: 1) “Good Neighbor”: family support program in the format of “peer-to-peer”; 2) “Creation of social services in the community”: the direction includes 4 different projects that work to develop and support the social sphere in the united communities of the region; 3) “Transformation of institutions of institutional care and upbringing of children”.

Volunteer program “Building Ukraine Together” (BUR), which through joint work, travel and non-formal education unites Ukrainian youth in a network of active citizens.

With the assistance of the Lviv Educational Foundation, three social enterprises operate autonomously:

1) Family center “Ryasne”

2) “WoodLuck” Social Workshop

3) Center for psychological and educational services “My Bird”.

In addition to major projects and programs, Lviv Educational Foundation organizes annual international forums to promote the protection of children’s rights and inform communities about the need to create social services on the ground as a prevention of social orphanhood.

LEF cooperates with local and international partners, public and religious organizations, children’s services, social services, local business.

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