Hope and Homes for Children Ukraine

The charity organization “Hope and Homes for Children” has been working in Ukraine since 1998 on the realization of the child’s right to upbringing in a family environment. To achieve this goal, all projects and activities in general are implemented in three areas: advocacy (changing the system and approaches to child protection), capacity building (training of national CI trainers, community training, development of child protection policy), know-how (development of innovative models services, implementation of CI at the local level).

The organization is convinced that the family is the best place for a child. Only a family can provide security, individual attention, care and love. This cannot be achieved in an institutional setting where the child’s personality is not a value. Food, clothes, a roof over your head – necessary but insufficient conditions for the successful development of the child.

Today the organization implements the following relevant projects:

  • Capacity building of professionals in the field of child protection – training, counseling and methodological support in the process of reforming institutional care institutions, creating new services for families with children, developing family forms of raising orphans and children deprived of parental care, creating alternative forms of raising children with conditions , close to family.
  • Technical support for the reform of the child protection system in Dnipro region – development of a child protection system in the region, capable of ensuring the right of the child to family upbringing or conditions as close as possible to family, access to quality services according to individual needs.
  • Services for children and families in communities: the center of social support for children and families “Dobre Vdoma” – a set of social services at the community level, working out mechanisms for inter-municipal financing of social services.
  • Assess the situation in orphanages and develop recommendations for their reform – preventing the placement of young children (0 to 3 years old) in institutional care institutions by creating services for children and families in need of support.
  • The project “Jointly. Social services for families in the community”– helping communities to create and provide quality social services to families in difficult life circumstances. The project is implemented by the organization in Druzhkivka and Mykolayiv OTG of Donetsk region.

And the partners in the implementation of projects are: the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), local authorities and local governments.

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