NGO “Emmaus”

The public organization “Emmaus” was established in 2010 from one meeting, when Oleksandr and Inna Filonenko, Lali Liparteliani-Bedoeva and Andriy Domanov attended a lecture in Kyiv by Rosalba Armando, the founder of the Golubka Adaptation Center for Single Mothers in Novosibirsk. After this inspiring lecture, they initiated the creation of a public organization in Kharkiv.

The mission of the organization is to create friendly spaces for boarding school graduates and young people with disabilities: to accompany them as adults, to help them find their own vocation.

NGO “Emmaus” works in 4 strategic areas: Opening and development of an inclusive hub, Opening and development of programs for the maintenance of adaptation houses, Partnership with Business and Development of a culture of charity.

Projects the organization works with:

“Flying House” is the first adaptation house where six girls, boarding school graduates with physical disabilities, live. The house is arranged for their needs, and our main goal is to help them achieve readiness for independent living and unleash their potential.

“Tenth Planet” – assistance of boarding school graduates with education, job search, learn to lead a life and finances, plan time and prepare for life in society.

“Inclusive hub” – a separate space in which adaptive classes are held for people with disabilities and adolescents growing up without parents. It is planned that other NGOs will also hold their own events here and that knowledge about inclusiveness and accessibility will gradually accumulate in the hub.

“Incluendo” is a training project that began in 2019 as an exchange of experiences and networking between Ukrainian and Italian NGOs with the support of the Emilia-Romagna region.

“A Little Universe” is an educational project in cooperation with Bohodukhiv Orphanage, within which there is an exchange of experiences between teachers and lectures for boarding school students. The project involves the creation of new adaptive buildings.

“Dantefest” is a socio-cultural festival that has been held annually since 2014. It brings together a number of musical, artistic and literary events, as well as discussions with representatives of various NGOs from Ukraine and the world.

“Lettuce” – In this project, young people with disabilities and boarding school graduates learn to make the right diet, choose foods and cook.

“La Compani” is a cultural and educational program for displaced children and their families with a central event – a trip to Italian families for psychological recovery. The main result of the project was the establishment of friendly and family ties, support of Ukrainians by Italian families.

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